Saturday, January 14, 2012

"only if you become his dads"

not a quote you here everyday.

Melsar is one of our new Rhinos starting the boys academy this year. we were visiting with his grandma today, explaining that he had made the team and that we would like for him to begin at the academy.

Melsar is an orphan. his mom and dad abandoned him when he was 25 days old, dropped him off with grandma and never came back.

as Mynor explained what we do at the academy (teach the bible, education, values and soccer)... grandma responded:

"i will allow Melsar to enroll in the academy, if you promise me to become his dads." she went on to say how thankful she is, and that she believes this is the opportunity that God has been waiting to give Melsar.

i think it is too.

so excited to have him in the program, and in our home every day.

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Anonymous said...

can't wait to see what God does thru Messar! Welcome to the Team!