Thursday, November 21, 2019

pablo - coming to america!

this is absolutely crazy.

pablo garcia (aka "son of cesar" 😂 ) has been accepted at trinity baptist college in jacksonville, florida, to play soccer and go to college!

assuming his visa interview goes well (please pray!), he will begin classes in january 2020.  (update: visa approved!)

now before i say more... let me just say this:  i don't believe for one second that God's top priority in all of this is simply that pablo "gets an american education" or "gets to play college soccer."

clearly both of those things are incredible opportunities for a kid who grew up in the forests of guatemala!  (big shout out to finca florencia, magdalena milpas altas, and los rinos de buena vista!)

while those things are great, i just think there's more happening here. this is bigger than that.

i believe God is sending pablo to the USA... as a missionary.

wait, what?  i thought the US sends missionaries to guatemala - not the other way around?

that would be an incorrect understanding of missions.  it's God who sends missionaries. and He sends them wherever He wants to, whenever He wants to, to accomplish whatever He wants accomplished.

God has been preparing pablo for this ever since he was a little boy.  from the very beginning, pablo has been pointed to Jesus as the foundation of everything and the answer to everything.  he has witnessed giant faith his entire life.  not only the unthinkable and miraculous... but also the simple daily things like love, humility, and acts obedience, practiced daily in his home.

pablo's dad is legendary.  i'm talking hebrews-11-saint kinda legend.  just type "cesar" in the search box (top left) of my blog and read away.  he's my personal mentor in the faith.  he's who i most look up to as far as examples in this life.  the most Christ-like person i've ever known.  his entire family - parents, sisters, grandpa - are truly wonderful people.

but this moment... this particularly story... of new opportunities, and being called on mission... belongs to pablo.


pablo was a lanky kid from magdalena when we met him in late 2009.  when we opened our soccer academy not too long after that, we never really considered pablo- since all of the kids in our academy were from the village of buena vista.

that is, until we were set to travel to honduras for a tournament in 2014.  we were short on players for our JV team, and we needed an extra sub or two.  on top of that, we just thought it would be a neat experience for pablo and his family if he came along.
2014 Tournament in Travesia, Honduras

while there, we played a team from a poor village called travesia - and several of their players played barefoot.  after the game, walking the long path from the field back to our bus, i noticed pablo (12 yrs old at the time) walking in only socks.  i asked him where his cleats were... and he started acting shy and didn't want to tell me.

finally, he said he had given them to one of the players who didn't have any shoes.

but here's the best part of the story... when we invited pablo to come with us on the trip, he told me he didn't have any cleats, so we told hm we'd give him a pair.  when i gave him the brand new cleats before we left, i told him that when the  tournament was over, he could keep them.  he was so excited!
and it was that very pair that he had given away...


pablo stayed in the academy from that point on.  our only Rhino not from buena vista.

pablo is quiet, not a big talker.  he only answers when called upon.  he has a charming humility about him... never wants to speak up, not wanting everyone to know that he knows the answer.  and he always seems to know the answer.

his biblical knowledge is profound for his age.  anyone who knows his dad, knows where this comes from. but in addition to having scripture memorized, he tends to always understand the deeper meaning. he knows jesus in a real and personal way... he understands the true gospel... and his theology comes from knowledge plus real experiences, which leads to deep understanding.

his faith has been tested.  he knows all about suffering. and glory. and true joy.


one of my favorite things in the world is to sit at cesar's bedside and listen to him preach.  even now that i am not in guatemala, we exchange voice texts regularly.  hearing his voice brings peace and joy to my heart - and tears to my eyes - every time!


before he got sick, cesar used to knock on doors and tell people about jesus.  he tells stories of how many people would slam the door in his face.  he says he didn't let it bother him, because he knew with each slammed door, he was that much closer to getting one person to listen!

once his condition left him bedridden, he was hugely discouraged that he couldn't go knock on doors to share the gospel.  recently he told me:

"thats when people started coming.  it started with local churches.  they were coming to pray for me... the poor, sick guy... but i took advantage of each opportunity and shared the gospel with everyone that came through my door!  then God sent you all - missionaries from the USA!  then you started bringing your groups... then more missionaries started visiting, with people from all over the world!"

he went on to say that ever since he has been unable to leave his bed, people from 29 different  countries have come through his door and heard the gospel, and countless have chosen to follow Jesus at his bedside!  he said when people go back to their countries, and return to their families, he prays for them and asks God to bless and grow the seeds of truth that were planted.

i'm trying to do some rough math... considering all of the groups over the years, plus all of the other missionaries who bring their groups... i'm realizing that i can vouch firsthand that thousands of lives have been changed after spending time in cesar's home!

and what's great about it, he says, is that no one has ever slammed the door in his face again 😂!
the joy in suffering that this man conveys is something else...


back to pablo... so through a serious of crazy events, God opened up the opportunity for him to come to the states to study and play soccer.
  • it started with a christian coach who saw him play in guatemala  
  • then a small group of people who love him began advocating for him 
  • then a christian university became fond of him and his story
  • then a men's bible study group agreed to sponsor his entire 4 years of tuition
do you see where i'm going with this?

i realize pablo comes from a rural guatemalan village... and college life in the US is going to be overwhelming.  he's human.  he'll struggle.  it's not going to be easy.

but this amazing opportunity, that he has no doubt earned through hard work in the classroom and on the field, just seems to have a unique anointing on it.

did i mention that when we approached cesar and andrea for the first time... to tell them about the
opportunity... cesar said God had already prepared their hearts for this?

God had already told him this was going to happen.

here's the only conclusion i'm left with:

it's become commonplace for missionaries from the US to go to cesar's house... and we've seen God do amazing things.

now a missionary from cesar's house is headed to the US.

i'm anticipating amazing things!!!

Pablo's adjustment to life in the USA is going to be difficult.  We are praying for a team of people in or near Jacksonville, FL to show him some love while he's here, or help out with some of his transitional needs. Please CLICK HERE for more information, or contact Milena Ruiz at!

Monday, October 21, 2019

idolatry & the christian sports fan

make no mistake, i like sports.  i like watching, competing and training.  i lead a ministry that uses sports to get the gospel into tough places.

my issue isn't with sports, it's with idolatry.

i believe that for christians, the more we fall in love with Jesus, the more we dive into the scriptures, and the more we abide in Christ... the more ridiculous becomes the idea of the zealous christian sports fan.

this is true because as our intimacy with Christ increases, so should our spiritual antennas that identify the subtleties of idolatry.

subtleties are one thing.  whats even crazier, is how many christian super-fans there are. for the super-fan, there's nothing subtle about it - it's blatant and unashamed!

since returning stateside, this has been an overwhelming reality for me.  i can't tell if it's my own change, something else has changed, or if i just forgot what it was like.  but it seems like sports is all people talk about.

so, here we go again...  another season of countless hours and dollars invested in sports fanfare...  of office pools and fantasy leagues... of christians everywhere expressing twice (or 100x) the excitement they've ever expressed worshipping Jesus... and otherwise quiet, shy personalities suddenly expressing gobs of emotion.  another season of church fantasy football leagues (of course done in the name of community)...  of men in churches getting fidgety and checking their watches as noon-time approaches...  family schedules revolving around what games are on...  and tickets, tailgates, nfl-ticket, and staying glued to phones checking scores, highlights and stats.

fantasy football
i realize some good community can come from guys gathering to watch sports.  there's certainly nothing wrong with that.  but i wonder when christian leaders will realize (or have the courage to teach) how dangerous fantasy football can be.  entertainment has a firm grip on the american christian's heart.  entertaining ourselves is already a huge problem - and fantasy leagues encourage people not to only follow their favorite team, but to follow every single team, every player, and every statistic... all season long.

i hear a lot about how harmless it is.  and of course it's possible to be kept in proper perspective.  but overall i think its far from harmless.  just ask the wives and kids who wish dad would turn off the tv, or put down his phone.  for some, the encouraging of fantasy leagues can be like feeding an addiction.  the flesh of the sports fan longs for the next game, or match - for the players, the stats, the stories.  the fan's heart and mind wants more... to stay connected... to not miss a single game, headline, or highlight.  even for the average fan, missing the day's rundown of (or whatever preferred source) leaves them jonesing like an addict.

meanwhile our Lord Jesus stands jealous.  he longs for our affections to exceed that of anything else we consider good in this life.  Jesus said our love of anything in this world should be like hate compared to our love for Him (luke 14:26, matt 10:37).  he included love for parents, spouses and kids in that teaching.  much less a ballgame.

college football saturday, nfl sunday, monday night, thursday night...  oh, and then comes the nba season... mlb playoffs... nfl playoffs... march madness... nba playoffs... and around and around it goes.

we can justify anything by quickly calling it innocent and harmless.  but who are we kidding?  i know christians who are absolutely consumed with this stuff.  and we often applaud it, if not embolden it, from the pulpit.

as christians we have to be sensitive to the battle that constantly wars for our hearts. it's not that liking sports, or watching a football game, is inherently wrong.  its the delighting in it that becomes a problem - especially when our delighting in Christ is nowhere near the same level.  we must remember that abiding in the world is exactly what satan, the "ruler of this world," desires.  (1 john 5:18-21)

"don't be conformed to this world..."  romans 12:2
"don't love the world or the things in the world..." 1 john 2:15
"you adulterous people! don't know friendship with the world is enmity with God?"  james 4:4

the fight: spirit vs flesh
i'm not trying to be legalistic. lets celebrate our freedom in Christ all day long.  but as christians being sanctified by the Holy Spirit, our freedom should lead us to a pursuit of holiness.  and the sanctification process naturally squeezes out the love for worldly things.  at some point, we in this disneyland of american church need to address our obsession with the world.

and in my opinion, our obsession with sports is one of the big elephants in the room.

as american christians we need to sound the alarm on giving ourselves whatever we want.  fighting our flesh, denying self, rejecting the world, etc, is how we daily wage war as christians.  it's hard.  i lose that battle often.  but the bible makes clear that a mind set on the flesh refuses to submit to God.  denying self and pursuing the spirit requires a fight.

here's a fact:  if we're not fighting... if we're coasting... if we're too quick to justify what we want, and defend how harmless things are... we will default to the flesh!  and we become slaves to one or the other, spirit or flesh.  "neutral" defaults to the flesh.

i'm not saying we can't enjoy things in this world.  its ok to enjoy sports!  but not without abiding in Christ daily.  as we abide... as we grow in sanctification and intimacy with our Lord Jesus...  our perspective in all things changes from worldly to eternal...  which virtually guarantees you'll begin caring less who wins and loses ballgames.

and when you no longer care who wins or loses, and you aren't jonesing for kickoff or constantly checking stats, that's when you'll know your affinity for sports is no longer an idol.

football season is upon us.  it's the time of year that reminds me of the idolatry that can so easily be  justified as simply, "being a sports fan."

Friday, August 30, 2019

what a love story

adoniram and ann judson
adoniram judson was a missionary to burma in the early 1800's.  before he left for the mission field, he fell in love with a sweet girl named ann.

he had a dilemma.  he knew that the calling on his life was one of full surrender and sacrifice.  and he knew the dangers of taking the message of jesus to the unreached burmese.  he was willing to die for the mission...  but take a beautiful young woman with him?

but ann was a passionate follower of jesus as well, and fully committed to the cause. they believed God had placed them together for this very purpose!

here's the fascinating letter that judson wrote to ann's father, asking her hand in marriage:

“I have now to ask whether you can consent to part with your daughter early next spring, to see her no more in this world ? Whether you can consent to her departure to a heathen land, and her subjection to the hardships and sufferings of a missionary life? Whether you can consent to her exposure to the dangers of the ocean; to the fatal influence of the southern climate of India; to every kind of want and distress; to degradation, insult, persecution, and perhaps a violent death? Can you consent to all this, for the sake of Him who left His heavenly home and died for her and for you; for the sake of perishing, immortal souls; for the sake of Zion and the glory of God? Can you consent to all this, in hope of soon meeting your daughter in the world of glory, with a crown of righteousness brightened by the acclamations of praise which shall resound to her Saviour from heathens saved, through her means, from eternal woe and despair?”

ann's father ultimately approved, and many of the risks judson spoke of in his letter would be fulfilled.  ann lost 3 children while living in burma, from sickness and complications during childbirth, and she eventually died from smallpox.  judson would write in her eulogy, "she left her home and died for the sake of He who left his home to die for us."

was it worth it?  is foreign missions worth it, no matter the cost?  

judson was beaten, tortured, and imprisoned throughout his life, and died (61) on a sea voyage from lung disease. but when he died, he left 100 churches and 8,000 new believers in burma!  (there were none when they arrived.)  today, burma has 2.5 million evangelical christians (modern day myanmar).  judson also translated the first burmese bible, which took him 24 years to complete.  

judson and ann's love story is breathtaking!  but not because of dreamy dates and fairy-tale romance.  it's an amazing love story because together, they were willing to sacrifice everything for the One who first loved them.

God is love.  he is the creator and author of the greatest love story of all time.  and Jesus - the savior and sacrificial lamb - is that story.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

the rolfe family

ok, so this one is especially personal for me.  i'm talking about my baby girl here... my bubba brooke... my squeezy beezy...

but i don't want to make her feel like she's getting "special treatment" or "unnecessary attention"... so i'll make the rest of this announcement sound really formal. 😂

We're excited to welcome the Rolfe's to BVSA! Matt and Brooke were married in December of 2018, and are already answering God's call to the mission field! They will be joining the team in Guatemala, with the aim to eventually help BVSA plant a new academy in Central or South America.

Matt and Brooke bring lots of gifts and experience to the mission field. Growing up in a close-knit Christian family, Matt has had a genuine love for Jesus from a young age. He loves sports, producing music, and is a gifted musician- skilled in drums, piano, and guitar.

Brooke grew up in the mission field in Guatemala. She too began walking with Jesus at a very young age, and growing up as an MK helped her develop a deep desire for the nations. She also loves making music, is fluent in Spanish, and will graduate in December 2019 from the University of North Florida with a degree in Business Management.

The Rolfe's are set to land in the field in January, 2020.

but enough of the formal!  i'm so proud of my beezy!  and thankful to the Lord for pairing her up with an awesome husband who is committed to leading their family towards Jesus with all he has.  

its uncommon that a young couple choose the mission field before getting "settled".  but what better way to start?  i mean, do we really believe the lies?  "lets wait until...
  • we get a little more settled..." 
  • we make a little more money so that we're more stable..."  
  • we have kids so that its easier..."
  • all of our medical needs are cleared up since we have good health insurance..."  
  • the the kids are out of the house so that they don't resent us..." 
etc, etc.  the problem is... none of those things actually happen!  at least, not to the extent that we all of sudden feel "ready" for the mission field.  simply put, those who feel called to the mission field and wait for the "right time"...rarely ever go. 

brooke and matt have simplified things, and there's a lot to be learned from it:  
"lets just obey jesus today, and let Him worry about all of that."

go here to support the rolfe's.  

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

new moves, new missionaries... current needs

with all of the exciting developments going on, several have asked what our current needs are.  thank you for asking the question!  i believe this is what john was talking about in 3 john 1:6-8:

"...Please continue providing for such teachers in a manner that pleases God.  For they are traveling for the Lord, and they accept nothing from people who are not believers. So we ourselves should support them so that we can be their partners as they teach the truth."

the johnson family's monthly needs are fully supported - thanks to our amazing support team!!!

our one-time needs going into our transition to west africa are:

1. VEHICLE:  a reliable vehicle is more critical now than in any situation we've ever been in.  the drive from the village (we'll be living in), to the closest city (hospital, groceries, etc, is 13 hours).  this drive is through the desert, with virtually nothing in between point A and point B.  according to the arnold's (who have been there for nearly 30 years), a low-maintenance, low-risk, reliable 4x4 vehicle is a must. in addition to emergencies, the 13 hour trip is made every 2-3 months to stock up on groceries and supplies.  therefore, a large truck or SUV is ideal.  the approximate cost for a suitable vehicle is approx 15-20k.  this vehicle will also be shared with the abushaib family.

2. SHIPPING:  we will be shipping the vehicle, as well as some personal belongings from jacksonville.  approximate cost for shipping will be $6,000.  (consulting with arnold's on this; they are doing the same thing after being stateside on furlough for a year.)

you can click here to contact us or to help towards any of the above.

1. MISSIONARY FAMILY SUPPORT:  we have 3 additional families joining BVSA and moving to the mission field at this time!  all 3 are currently raising support... needing monthly supporters as well as one-time donations for flights, car, language school, and transition expenses.  so if you love supporting missionaries... we got you covered! 😉  click on the family names to learn more:

2. ONE MORE FAMILY:  we are praying for one more family to join our BVSA-West Africa academy!  please let us know if you or someone you know feels called to the mission field.

3. JAX LIVING ARRANGEMENTS OCT-JAN (WILSON FAMILY):  the wilson's will be moving from savannah to jacksonville for 3 months of missionary training before heading to the field. we're looking for somewhere for their family of 7 to stay during that time.  if you have space, a 2nd property, rental property, or know someone who can help, please let us know!  as a last resort, we should be able to rent something furnished for a few months in the $1200 per month range.

4. LOTS OF RANDOM TRANSITIONAL STUFF: during the training from oct-jan, and all of the moves, flights, visa/residency applications, temporary living situations, etc, etc...  the small costs add up fast.  click here to donate towards "mission field transitional needs", and it will be put to the greatest need. thank you!


Sunday, August 11, 2019

BVSA West Africa looking for missionaries!

We are currently praying for a family to join us for our West Africa academy plant.  If you feel called toward the mission field, or know someone who is, please let us know!

Some qualifications include:

  • Mature in the faith
  • Active in ministry 
  • Heart for the unreached
  • Willingness to sacrifice comforts of home

No missions experience necessary!
No soccer skills necessary!  

**Training will take place in Jacksonville, FL from October to December.

**Relocation to West Africa scheduled for January 2020.

To learn more about the ministry of BVSA, check out

Contact us at for more information.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

the wilson family

ryan and the fam, sharing at emmaus church in july
june 2nd, the day before we left for senegal, i got a text from my friend, ryan wilson.  he needed to talk.  in person!

since he lived a couple of hours away, i told him it would be at least a couple of weeks before we could get together.  i was on an early flight to africa the next day.

but he really needed to talk.  asked if kerrie and i could grab dinner if he and his wife laura drove down to jax...

later that night, we were seated at a table at Hurricane Wings.  with tears in his eyes, ryan explained, "God has spoken, more clearly than ever."

quick backstory:  3 years prior, the four of us were seated at my kitchen table in guatemala.  but it was laura, not ryan, who had tears in her eyes.  laura was feeling led to the mission field.  she asked ryan what was keeping him back, and he kept saying, quietly and calmly, "i'm just not there."

i'm pretty sure we all piled on that night (lol)... trying to steer ryan to the mission field.  we had seen his missionary heart come alive on his trips to guatemala.  it seemed so clear that he and his family were made for this!  humbly, he kept saying "sorry guys, i'm just not there."

he committed to laura that he would keep his heart open to the idea, and above all else, would stay in God's word.

...which leads me back to those tears at Hurricane Wings.  he was excitedly sharing how God had spoken clearly - through His word!  there was no doubt in his mind.  he was ready!  it was time.

i couldn't help but look at laura as ryan was sharing all the details.  she had "proud wife" written all over her face!  her soft smile, and tear-filled eyes of her own, saying "that's my man."  such a sweet moment - one of those special ones, shared with friends, that you'll never forget.

i'm excited to announce that the wilson family will be joining bvsa-guatemala in january 2020!  until that time, they'll be training with us in jacksonville, including trips to texas and guatemala.

in addition to their love for the Lord and their servant hearts, the wilsons bring unique gifts to the mission field. ryan is a physical therapist and laura is a registered nurse.  their kids, hannah (14), caleb (12), rachel (9), luke (6), and paul (3) are all excited as well!

please join us in welcoming the wilsons to the Rhino Family!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

senegal trip

a few weeks ago, we returned home from a 2-week trip to west africa.  i'll never recapture all that God
accomplished on that trip in this blog post.  for that i've got a journal full of thoughts, stories, prayers and meditations.  but here's a few simple take-aways from the trip.

1 - the heat in west senegal is a lot different than the heat in the east senegal!  and it takes quite a journey to get from one to the other...

the capital city of dakar sits on the western most point of the entire continent of africa. there, the climate is nice - hot during the day, but cools down at night - and there are grocery stores and places to eat.

but BVSA-Senegal, God willing, will be located on the complete other side of the country. we left at 4am on our third day in dakar for the trip east.  after about 2 hours we seemed to have left all infrastructure and civilization behind, and were left with nothing but desert on all sides.  the first 6-7 hours was comfortable... decent roads and the air conditioner was working!

the last 5-6 hours of our 13+ hour journey were quite different. the paved roads had become desert sand, which didn't allow us to go very fast at all.  the slowing of the engine and the increase in temperatures led the air conditioner to lose its power. 

i'll never forget the first desert-bathroom-break.  we stepped outside and the air was so hot that it didn't even seem real.  vic cuccia and i stood by the side of the van, stretching out our arms and legs, when a slight breeze hit us.  i never knew a breeze could be so miserable. it felt like the rush of air that you feel on your face when you open the oven...

after winding through the desert for hours, trying to follow navigation or look for power lines... we officially determined we were lost.  we were thrilled when we came upon a small village of teepee style cornstalk homes. the people were clearly amazed to see a van pull up, and even more amazed when they saw white people inside!  unfortunately, they had never heard of the village we were looking for... which left us back on the road to figure things out for ourselves.

we finally got there. a little tired and overheated...but we made it.

REWIND A MONTH:  we were at our home church of emmaus on a sunday morning, when a woman approached my wife, and to my best recollection, said the following:

"are you the ones going to work with the arnold's in senegal?  oh, i have to tell you... i went there on a mission trip a few years ago.  it's the most miserable place i've ever been.  the heat is unexplainable.  and there is no break from it.  i've never been so hot in my life.  i literally had to wring out my underwear.  oh, and the dust! its everywhere, and it gets into everything.  and on top of that, it's all desert there. there is no greenery, no grass, no trees.  it's just depressing.  but i'm so glad you are going!  they really need help!"

ha!  kerrie's face went blank - like she saw a ghost!  i'm not sure if it was because of everything the woman said, or simply because she had the nerve to say it!  eventually, we got a good laugh out of it...

but... to that lady's credit, i have NEVER experienced HEAT like i experienced in east senegal. this is dry, sub-saharan desert heat, where temperatures can sit at 130 degrees on a regular basis. our hosts, the arnold's, had warned us about it...  we had heard other people's first-hand stories... but until we felt it for ourselves there was no way to appreciate it. 

2 - by the end of our trip, we had been trained to look out for snakes at all times.

i only saw one little guy the entire time we were there, but we were warned over and over to keep our eyes open, especially while walking around at night.

east senegal is the home of many of the deadliest snakes in the world, including the puff adder, the black mamba, the spitting cobra, and lots of different vipers and cobras.  at one point, i was walking through some brush (at night, using my iPhone camera) and a guy who was on the trip with us snuck up behind me and firmly pinched the back of my leg with his fingers. i screamed like a 5 year old girl! needless to say, we will learn to keep our heads on a swivel living in east africa...

3 - the senegalese people are warm.

a decade in central america, especially the village where we lived, led us to be somewhat skeptical.  there, most people have a "hard edge", and you never know who is connected to gangs and cartels. killings, kidnap & ransoms, death threats for money, carjackings, etc, are common place.  with that, you  simply develop natural defenses over time.

but rick assured us, over and over again, that the senegalese are not this way.  and it was evident in the way they received us.  people seemed genuinely interested in us and wanted to talk.  some men invited my son and i to play in an early morning soccer league. even there, the men were extremely friendly and welcoming.  the next day, some guys in the street asked us why we didn't show up again that day... they said "twice as many people showed up because they heard some visitors from america had played yesterday!"

being used to a culture of chauvinistic macho-men, who give a stare-down and "bow their chests up" to any one visiting from out of town, this was a welcome change of pace. the general warmth of the people certainly helped off-set the difficulty of the elements (heat, dust, etc)!

4 - here's my favorite moment of the entire trip.

after a couple of days in the village, i was definitely growing concerned about my wife.  it was so hot, and dusty, just like our new friend had warned her a month earlier (lol).  my mind was on her and my 6 year old daughter.  i kept thinking to myself, "are they going to be ok here?".  "i can handle it, i actually kind of like it!  but i don't want to drag them here if they don't like it."  i prayed those 2 nights, telling God how i felt, and surrendering it to Him...

the 3rd day, we were out and about in the village. we had been interacting with a family, and some children in the street. in the commotion of it all, kerrie tapped my leg and said "hey." when i looked at her, she said to me softly, with watery eyes, "i love it here."

words can't describe the peace i felt in that moment.

God is faithful.  God is good. only the peace, joy, and purpose offered through Jesus defies logic like this.  my wife - lover of trees and cool weather - loves it here.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

satan will sing you to sleep

every once in a while i read something that someone else wrote, and i'm filled with an unexplainable excitement.  it happens often with scripture, when i'm being stretched or challenged.

but sometimes, it's when something messy and complicated that exists deep in my heart and mind - gets beautifully unwound, cleaned up, and articulated.

that just happened.

jon bloom at desiring God, inspired by an unnamed missionary couple serving in the middle east, connects with something deep in my soul in the following article, posted on may 25, 2019 at


“You don’t tell people about Jesus, because you don’t care about their eternal state.”
His assertion stung. But I knew it was true. Confronted with the way he lives for the lost, its truth was as obvious to me as the nose on my face. And like the nose on my face, I wasn’t paying much attention to it until he called it out. But unlike the nose on my face, his assertion was eternally significant.
I recently met this remarkable man while travelling in the Middle East. He, along with his wife, is leading a rapidly-growing movement of Muslims turning to Christ in a very restrictive part of the Islamic world. I had the great (and exposing) privilege of spending hours with him. I wish I could tell you more about his story — how Jesus called him and the incredible ways the Lord uniquely prepared him to make disciples and plant churches in a very dangerous place. His story is worth a book someday. For now, I will spare the details, lest I in any way expose him. 
I must pass along something he shared with me, though, because we all might be ignoring the obvious and eternally significant “nose” on our collective Western Christian faces — to our own spiritual detriment, for sure, but also to the spiritual catastrophe of those around us. 
What could happen to them

My new friend lives in an Islamic country where sharing the gospel, if you’re caught, will get you thrown into prison and likely tortured to extract information about other Christians. Yet he and his wife are daily, diligently seeking to share the gospel with others because they want to “share with them in its blessings” (1 Corinthians 9:23) — even more than they want their own survival. 

Each morning, when this husband and wife part ways, they acknowledge to one another that it might be the last time they see each other. She knows, if caught, part of her torture will almost assuredly include rape, probably repeatedly. He knows, if caught, brutal things await him before a likely execution. For to them, “to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Philippians 1:21).
Yet each day they prayerfully pursue the Spirit of Jesus’s direction in order to show the lost the way of salvation. And they are equipping other Christians to do the same. 
Wholly dependent on God
When I say “prayerfully,” I mean prayerfully. They, and their fellow leaders, spend a minimum of four hours a day in prayer and God’s word, and frequently fast for extended periods, before they go out seeking souls. They do this because they need to. 
Spiritual strongholds do not give way and conversions don’t happen unless they do this. One wrong move and a whole network of believers could be exposed. So, they depend on the Holy Spirit to specifically lead them to people the Spirit has prepared. For them, the doctrine of election is not some abstract theological controversy for seminary students to debate. They see it played out in front of them continually. 
The cessationism-continuationism debate is also a moot issue for them. They regularly see the Holy Spirit do things we read about in the book of Acts. As my friend described the Spirit’s activity where he lives, it was clear that all the revelatory and miraculous spiritual gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12–14 are a normal part of life for these believers — because they really need them. 
They’re not debating Christian Hedonism either. When you live under the threat of death daily, either life is Christ and death is gain to you, or you will not last. So, I learned that my friend has translated John Piper’s original sermon series on Christian Hedonism into his native language and used them as part of his core theological curriculum for believers. 
Lulled by an evil lullaby
All those things were wonderful and encouraging — as well as convicting — to hear. But then he told me a disturbing story.
A number of years ago, this man and his wife were given the opportunity to move to the States, and they did. After living here for a period of time, however, the wife began to plead with her husband that they move back to their Islamic country of origin. Why? She told him, “It’s like there’s a satanic lullaby playing here, and the Christians are asleep. And I feel like I’m falling asleep! Please, let’s go back!” Which they did (God be praised!). 
This story contains an urgent message we must hear: she wanted to go back to a dangerous environment to escape what she recognized as a greater danger to her faith: spiritual lethargy and indifference. This should stop us in our tracks. Do we recognize this as a serious danger? How spiritually sleepy are we? 
According to my new friend, we can gauge our sleepiness by how the eternal states of non-Christians around us shape the way we approach life. Judging by the general behavior of Christians in the West, it’s clear to my friend that, as a whole (we all can point to remarkable exceptions), we don’t care much about people’s eternal states. 
Are we content to sleep?
My friend and his wife are right. There is a satanic lullaby playing, even in churches, across the West. Why else are we so lethargic in the midst of such relative freedom and unprecedented prosperity? Where is our collective Christian sense of urgency? Where are the tears over the perishing? Where is the groaning? Where is the fasting and prevailing intercession for those we love and those we live near and those we work with, not to mention the unreached of the world who have no meaningful gospel witness among them? 
Paul had “great sorrow and unceasing anguish in [his] heart” over his unbelieving Jewish kinsmen (Romans 9:2). Do we feel anything like that? And Paul’s Spirit-inspired urgency to bring the gospel to the lost shaped his whole approach to life:
I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some. I do it all for the sake of the gospel, that I may share with them in its blessings. (1 Corinthians 9:22–23)
What is shaping our approach to life? If we think that kind of mentality was only for someone with Paul’s apostolic calling, all we need to do is keep reading 1 Corinthians 9:24–27. It’s clear that Paul means for us to run our unique faith-races with the same kind of kingdom-focused mentality.
If we’re not feeling anguish over people’s eternal state and ordering our lives around praying for and trying to find ways to bring the gospel to them, we are being lulled to sleep by the devil’s soothing strains. It’s time to start fasting and praying and pleading with God and one another to wake up. 
Now is the time
It matters not if we call ourselves Calvinists and believe we have an accurate knowledge of the doctrine of election, if our knowledge does not lead us to feel anguish in our hearts over the lost and a resolve to do whatever it takes to save some. “We do not yet know as we ought to know” (to paraphrase 1 Corinthians 8:2). What we need is to cultivate Paul’s heart for the lost.
My conversation with this new friend showed me that, Calvinist though I am, I do not yet know as I ought to know. 
But, Father, I want to know as I ought to know! I repent of all lethargy and indifference! I will not remain sleepy anymore when it comes to the eternal states of the unbelieving family and friends and neighbors and restaurant servers and checkout clerks all around me. 
Over our dead bodies
According to Jesus, in his parable of the ten virgins, spiritual sleepiness is a very, very dangerous condition (Matthew 25:1–13). We need to get more oil — now! There isn’t much time.
I want to be done with satanic sleepiness and cultivate the resolve that led Charles Spurgeon — that unashamed Calvinist — to say
If sinners be damned, at least let them leap to hell over our dead bodies. And if they perish, let them perish with our arms wrapped about their knees, imploring them to stay. If hell must be filled, let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions, and let not one go unwarned and unprayed for.
Father, in Jesus’s name, increase my anguish over perishing unbelievers and my urgent resolve to “become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some” (1 Corinthians 9:22), whatever it takes!

original article by john bloom at

Monday, May 6, 2019

pieces coming together while stateside

so much has happened during this "stateside furlough."  i am just now attempting to journal some of the stories...

our time here has been fruitful in more ways than i can explain.  it's been a special season with family - including our daughter brooke’s wedding, our daughter madi’s college graduation, and our son jake’s transition into college.  we've also had wonderful extended time with our parents and siblings, which has been pretty impossible over the last 10 years.

i've been able to preach at several of our supporting churches, and kerrie and I have been teaching a class on sanctification at our home church of emmaus jacksonville.  it's been such a joy to have the time of encouragement and edification within the body of believers - another thing that's tough to find in the foreign mission field.  we’ve also connected with a local soccer ministry to refugees called and are excited about whatever God does with that partnership.

i have also taken advantage of the time stateside to fundraise for the academies, collecting uniforms and equipment, and have gotten back to visit both guatemala and honduras to encourage our missionaries, staff, and Rhinos.  thanks to all who have donated gear!

God beginning to reveal what is next 
we took a true “sabbatical” for our first several months back in the states to rest and refuel. we had felt that iraq would be our next BVSA location, and we had visited there and made some contacts. but during this initial 3 months back, we felt like God was telling us to be quiet and be with Him – and specifically NOT to pursue anything ministry-wise.  the sabbatical was great for several reasons, and I will share more about that at a later date. but at the conclusion of the 3 months, kerrie and i were at a worship gathering at emmaus on a sunday morning...  

some missionaries from west africa were visiting, who had been working in the same village to a completely unreached people group for 28 years.  living in "the bush", a 13 hour drive from any airport, they had seen 3 people come to Christ over that entire time. at the conclusion of their talk, the husband said something to the tune of: 

“oh...  we’d also like to ask for prayer on something. lately we’ve been trying to reach the boys and teenagers in the village by playing soccer.  if I throw a soccer ball down on my property, they flock to us. we believe this is a great opportunity, but we just can’t take it on because of the work we’re already doing.  so we’re praying for someone to come that could lead a soccer ministry and help us reach all of these boys.”

instant goosebumps!  kerrie and I looked at each other in disbelief.  we were in shock!

new families
skipping ahead to more recently...  
since that time, we have been meeting with the couple from west africa now for several months and are convinced that God is sending us to west africa for BVSA #3!  when we initially shared this with them, they couldn't believe it.  they have been working alone (for the most part) for nearly 3 decades, and were stunned when we shared that we were willing to come.  when we still said "yes" after all the warnings of how difficult life in this village is, i think they finally believed us!  the wife eventually shared with kerrie that they simply didn't want to get their hopes up.

we are still believing for a BVSA-Iraq, but are trusting that God had His reasons to change the order around.  we are scheduled for a visit to west africa in june, and we will begin the process of logistics for a move.

being a 2-family ministry model, we began praying for 2 missionary families to join us.  our plan was to meet with all of our supporting churches to see if there were any families feeling called to the foreign mission field. then, we would follow up with an email blast to all of our contacts to share the need as well.

God had other plans!  Before we did either of the above, God began doing miracles.  in a short time, God brought 2 families into our lives that we did not previously know. almost immediately, they both shared with us that they felt called to join us for the ministry plant in west africa.  (More specifics to come!)

family #1
oby is a muslim-background believer who was excommunicated from his family when he chose Christ. this is an invaluable perspective in light of where we are headed - to a village that is 100% muslim. monique is fluent in french.  in the country where we are headed, french is the national language! oby is also an avid soccer player and certified coach.  and most importantly, the two are as passionate about Jesus, and sharing their faith, as any young couple we’ve ever seen!  what a miracle!

monique & oby with me, kerrie, and luci
prayer requests: monique has a serious medical condition that we are praying for answers and healing.  they have some school, medical, and car debt that needs taken care of. we're praying against satan's attacks, as we know he doesn't want this amazing young couple taking their gifts and experiences to an unreached people group. 

family #2
the husband serves as the community pastor at their church, and also started a youth center in the city where they live, to minister to troubled boys age 10-18.  they regularly have boys living with them who are in the worst situations.  their experience in this area has uniquely prepared them for BVSA ministry work!  they have an 18 month old girl, and are also expecting a baby boy in september. 

prayer requests:  they currently have a foster child staying with them who will need to be reunited with her mom before they can commit to leave.  we're praying for this girl, her mom, and for God's will in that whole situation.  praying also for her pregnancy, and all the emotions and nerves that come with taking young children to the mission field. also for the process of raising support, and sharing their decision with family and friends. 

needless to say we are in awe of God!  his faithfulness is blowing our minds, yet again.

2 new families with some members of bvsa leadership!
please be praying with us for both families, as well as our own... as we know that satan is already scheming and trying to disrupt. please pray for strong unity and devotion between our families, and great determination to see the Lord's will be done.

i’ll share more soon- with more location details, names of families, etc.  we're being careful for now, for specific reasons.  

THANK YOU for your continued support.  this "stateside assignment" has been a critical time for us, for so many reasons.  most importantly, it has allowed for the Spirit-led pieces coming together for our next academy plant – this one in the 10/40 window to an unreached people group!  praise Jesus!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

honest feedback: do we not realize we're at war?

the following is based off a sermon i recently shared at ocean city church.  you can listen to it here if you'd like.


can i be honest?

re-adjusting to american culture has been much harder than expected.  

but not for the reasons i expected.

part of me, since we're only in transition as we prepare to move again, wants to ignore this.  but it's impossible.  we're here.  God wanted us to see it.  and i believe he wants us share about it, too.

please don't mistake this for self-righteousness. that makes me laugh actually - me, righteous! ha!  without the cross, i'm a filthy rag.  and God knows i struggle with some of these same things.  nonetheless, here's some honest feedback from the perspective of a family who has spent the last decade in third-world poverty, and is struggling to deal with the transition back into american culture.

this is a culture that craves, longs for, strives for – if not worships – comfort & convenience, health & safety, entertainment, and achievements.  

please read that again.  

because i believe it's leading millions of so-called american christians to a life that is in direct disobedience to the teachings and heart of Jesus Christ.  it's leading people to a stale and idle faith, and it's destroying christian families.  in some cases, it's keeping people from living anything that resembles a christian life at all.

this longing for comfort, safety, and success - and this desire for constant entertainment - would make total sense for non-christians!  seriously, if what we "see" is all there is to this life… if it all ends when we die…  then why not make it as long, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible?!  why not fight to have better, make more, save more, live longer, and enjoy more?! 

but what’s alarming, is how this same characterization describes the american christian community. 

simply put: as i adjust back to the american flow of life, i have been profoundly struck by the fact that most christians do not look any different than the rest of the world.  i think the reality of spiritual warfare has been made so real to me while away, that i find myself constantly looking around and thinking, "do they not realize we're at war?".

now i know that this discovery is most attributed to my departure and return. it's not like everything changed while i was gone.  (well, some stuff actually did.)  but in general, it just required living in a completely different reality - for a long enough time - in order for me to see it.

i believe this cultural transition, or shift of realities, can be beneficial as it shines a light on a very scary subject. similar to the laodicean church of rev 3, i believe american christianity has fallen trap to a delusion.  a false security that suggests "we've got all we need, we're in good shape, we're fine."  but like he said to the laodiceans, what if Jesus is saying to us, "you think you're good, but you're actually disgusting."

and what if this delusion is leading us to completely and unequivocally miss the point of our lives?  

what if comfort, entertainment, hobbies, safety, health, etc… are creating false idols in our lives, that satan himself is puppeteering in order to make sure we miss the point of our lives? 

and what if missing this means missing everything?

because it's not just the BIG sins that capture the hearts of the american church.  (of course the big ones are always alive and well: pornography, greed, pride, love of money, worldly pursuits, etc.)

those are easier to spot and harder to defend.  but what about when we simply allow things to distract them from Jesus?  i mean, if it keeps us idle, or lazy in our faith (lukewarm), Jesus seems to say that’s even worse.  "either be hot or cold – not in the middle.  if you’re claiming me, and yet living like the rest of the world, that’s actually the worst because it gives people a false impression of what following me really looks like."  (rev 3:15-22 paraphrase)

i think the line between "hobbies/interests" and "false idols" is very fine.  tragically, idols in people's lives are often being written off as "interests."  it's a subtle line, but satan is the master of subtlety.  he delights in using this subtle space to render christians ineffective.

here's a few observations since being back.  within the american christian community:

- politics is an obsession.  people are so passionate about their "side" that they end up using politics as a measure for everything.  every issue and conversation run through a political filter as opposed to a biblical one.  ask yourself, do you spend more time reading political material than spiritual material?  

- sports is an obsession.  it is taken far too seriously. fantasy sports keep people passionately dialed-in to every game, every play.  the passion, time, and energy given to sports is alarming.  same question - how much time reading/watching sports material compared to spiritual?

- kids activities are an obsession. some families practically have no life outside of running kids to and from.  no time to grow in faith together.  no time to serve anywhere together.  the entire home-life and family heartbeat literally revolves around kid's sports and/or activities.

- entertainment is an obsession. movies, music, internet, social media, and video games dominate people's hearts and minds.  its so easy here to become a slave to a "whats next" mindset... always looking forward to the next fun thing.  oh, how miss having few options and nothing to do!

- food is an obsession.  what we like, don't like, can/can't have, conditions, restrictions, diets, etc. all of a sudden everyone has a highly complex situation!  it consumes people and demands far too much energy, money, and affection.  americans and their food...

- social media is an obsession.  it is creating a me-centered, self absorbed society. Jesus spoke often about the importance of "denying ourselves", yet american christians - through social media - cannot get enough of themselves.  frankly, its a form of self-worship and it's rebellious against God.

mature christians must be able to see these things for what they are.  we can no longer be lulled to sleep by the ways of the world.  remember it is satan who is the ruler of this world (john 12:31) and the god of this age (2 cor 4:4). 

i fear many american christians don't realize we're under the sway of the wicked one (1 john 5:19).
i fear many american christians don't understand the biblical fact that we are at war.  

there are only 2 possibilities for this:  
1. people genuinely don't know (never been taught, don't read their bibles for themselves) 
2. people set up their lives in such a way that makes it easy to forget

make no mistake, we are at war.  there is a very real enemy who is waging war for our souls. he is constantly scheming and strategizing, looking for ways to take us out daily.

we cannot let comforts, conveniences, health, safety, entertainment, etc win our hearts and minds.  our Lord Jesus requires much of us in the way of obedience, growth, and sanctification - and his teachings are clear on the subject. let us abide in him in such a deep and meaningful way that the scales are removed from our eyes.  

j.c. ryle said "the most dangerous chains a prisoner can wear are those that he neither feels nor sees." 

satan uses subtle, "culturally relevant" weapons (politics, sports, social media, kid's activities, entertainment, etc) to distract, consume, and confuse us... rendering us lethargic, ineffective and fruitless in our christian lives.  we become slaves without even knowing it.  unable to live in freedom, in wide-open pursuit of God, because of prison chains we don't even notice are there.

all of these distractions and pursuits can create a dangerously narcissistic life. simple bible teachings begin to get overlooked, and time with jesus scratched from the to-do list. the poor and hurting get forgotten about in all the chaos. no priority put on sharing jesus with our neighbors, coworkers, and classmates. not to mention the commission to reach the nations with the news of a savior.

both the greatest commandment (matt 22:36-40) and the great commission (matt 28:18-20), by default, nixed from the schedule.

there is hope in Jesus.  we can be made new and receive a fresh start through repentance. its never too late!  we receive discernment, clarity, peace, and conviction as we abide in him.  he is the vine, and we are the branches.  as we abide (cling to, connect to, remain in, get life from - pray, read, study, worship, fellowship) he will produce in us the fruits of his spirit, allowing us to live life to full!  

as it says in psalm 119:18, dear God, open our eyes that we may see your wonderful truths...

in revelation 21 Jesus says, "write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.  the one who conquers will have this heritage, and he will be my son, and i will be his God."

the one who conquers.

conquer.  stand firm.  persevere.  be a soldier.  spiritual warfare.  sacrifice.  strive.  victory.  armor up.  fight the good fight of the faith.  conquer.

the bible is full of these war terms.
but how can we conquer if we don't even realize we're at war?