Thursday, May 22, 2014


when we moved from magdalena to buena vista, it only took a few weeks for jake (my son) and robin to become attached at the hip.  no joke, if we've lived in BV 1,200 days, he's been a fixture in our house 1,100 of them.  he's a member of the fam.  if he's not at the dinner table, as if any of my kids weren't there, somebody is certain to ask "where's robin?"

the boys call him "negrito" since his skin is darker.  he's an average student, a monster of a goalie, and has a smile that can warm up a room.
like almost all of the rhinos, i have grown to love this kid like my own.  the only difference with robin is that he almost is my own.

his dad was murdered when he was young.  he's the youngest of 3 brothers and 3 sisters, all of which are married or aren't home much.  he calls me "dad" in english every day.  i don't know if he's just repeating jake, or if he really knows/means what he's saying.  either way, i really like it.

his mom ester is very sweet.  she's a good mom... but she is hardly ever home either.  she leaves for work around 5am and comes home around 8pm.  she calls me regularly, checking in on robin.  she's thankful that he stays at our place, as it keeps him off the streets and getting into trouble.

lately i've seen a lot of changes in robin.  he is starting to mature and think through his decisions. he is becoming more helpful, asking what he can do around the house to help.  he adores my 1.5 yr old daughter andrea, and is always willing to take care of her.  and he and jake have begun having more meaningful conversations about life and faith.

robin will be a part of the movement that will forever change this village.  i believe he'll be a HUGE part of it!  he's going to be a great husband, dad, and leader.  who knows, maybe he'll continue the mission and ministry of BVSA when we're long gone...

if you would, please say a prayer for robin right now!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

back from honduras

i have a sweet feeling from the spirit of God that you will be hearing more about honduras sometime in the near future...

but in the meantime, i wanted to post that our trip was INCREDIBLE. 

if you follow our ministry, you already know that our JV boys were invited to play in the "mini world cup" in honduras last week.  God made it happen, despite many things that came up that we now know were attempts by the ENEMY to keep us from going.

now back home in Guatemala, I praise God for:

- safe travel.  no issues, corruption, extortion, etc, when crossing the border
- new friendships and connections made
- no injuries, sickness, or problems of any kind with the boys
- all who provided financially to make the trip possible
- all who cared for us while there - the sweet people at la iglesia filadelfia and their orphanage
- how our rhinos ministered to the hearts of the orphans... loved on them, accepted them, played with them, and worshiped God with them. something absolutely beautiful to see.
- my team here at BVSA who worked hard to handle every detail of this trip.  passports, legal docs, school permissions, food, sleeping bags, sheets, pillows, parent meetings, uniforms, and on and on....
- all who prayed for our trip!
- Jesus for your divine purposes and faithfulness.  you told us to get to honduras no matter what, that you had more there for us than we could imagine...  and you are faithful to your word!

pictures attached:  #1 is at the tournament with our boys. #2 is wilmer and his 2 little brothers at the orphanage. their father killed their mother 4 years ago, and they've been in the orphanage ever since. #3 is pablo (cesar's son, for those who know cesar), who gave his shoes to a boy we played against. the kid played the entire game with no shoes...

Friday, May 2, 2014

a changed heart

my wife journaled her thoughts today and  i talked her into letting me share...

written by kerrie this morning, may 1, 2014:

a feeling of joy rushed over me and I knew the Holy Spirit had opened my eyes to truly see the moment...
looking into the eyes of my one year old daughter, as she climbed up and down a dirty, rusty metal playground set, laughing and screaming with delight.  we had just finished a short walk on our street where we live.
on this walk we watched baby chicks and their mother walk by, played with our neighbors baby kittens in the street (while being careful not to step in poop), smiled and waved to friends as they returned from the mountain carrying heavy loads of wood on their heads, watched malnourished horses and cows as they fed on what little grass they could find... all just right outside our front door.
its no secret that I have struggled with raising a baby, now toddler, here in guatemala.  these types of walks with my daughter were not really what I had in mind. i've found myself on many occasions wanting the things that I used to have:  a clean, grassy neighborhood park, a swimming pool, a library, a mommies playgroup, etc. in my heart I would complain, wanting all these things and wanting life to be like it was when I raised my other three.
how can i find joy in what Jesus gives me, when i'm always longing for what was?
this morning's walk was beautiful, not only for all the things luci and I were able to enjoy outside our front door, but beautiful even more because a heart was changed.
a heart of discontentment changed to a heart of thankfulness... my heart.
God keep me from longing for the familiar, for the things that were, for the seemingly better times. 
there is joy to be found in the moments and in the moment with Jesus is where I want to be.