Tuesday, May 20, 2014

back from honduras

i have a sweet feeling from the spirit of God that you will be hearing more about honduras sometime in the near future...

but in the meantime, i wanted to post that our trip was INCREDIBLE. 

if you follow our ministry, you already know that our JV boys were invited to play in the "mini world cup" in honduras last week.  God made it happen, despite many things that came up that we now know were attempts by the ENEMY to keep us from going.

now back home in Guatemala, I praise God for:

- safe travel.  no issues, corruption, extortion, etc, when crossing the border
- new friendships and connections made
- no injuries, sickness, or problems of any kind with the boys
- all who provided financially to make the trip possible
- all who cared for us while there - the sweet people at la iglesia filadelfia and their orphanage
- how our rhinos ministered to the hearts of the orphans... loved on them, accepted them, played with them, and worshiped God with them. something absolutely beautiful to see.
- my team here at BVSA who worked hard to handle every detail of this trip.  passports, legal docs, school permissions, food, sleeping bags, sheets, pillows, parent meetings, uniforms, and on and on....
- all who prayed for our trip!
- Jesus for your divine purposes and faithfulness.  you told us to get to honduras no matter what, that you had more there for us than we could imagine...  and you are faithful to your word!

pictures attached:  #1 is at the tournament with our boys. #2 is wilmer and his 2 little brothers at the orphanage. their father killed their mother 4 years ago, and they've been in the orphanage ever since. #3 is pablo (cesar's son, for those who know cesar), who gave his shoes to a boy we played against. the kid played the entire game with no shoes...

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