Saturday, December 23, 2017

recent updates in pictures

It was sad to say goodbye to our 3 graduates this year - Denilson, Cristian, and Jeffrey - but fun to celebrate their Rhino Careers.  We will definitely miss these 3 special guys.

Aldo won our 2017 Most Inspirational Player Award

Chucky, Jordan, Mauricio, and Bladmir acting out "Nacho Libre" at the Rhino Talent Show!

Fun times at the Rhino Christmas Party
Mynor sharing about Jesus at our annual "Decorate the BV Square" night

-------------SOME RECENT FAMILY UPDATES-------------
Our 2017 Rhino Family, including the Honduras Team!

So nice to have our girls with us for Christmas this year - our whole family together!

Luciana turned 5 on December 2nd.  She got her first guitar!
Thankful for a recent trip to the beach with the Schmidt family!
Luciana loving a rare trip to the ocean

Dad with his 3 precious girls

Axel was baptized last month, fully committing his life to Jesus!

Celebrating Axel's baptism with his mom and dad

Following Aldo's successful 3rd surgery over the last couple weeks.  He's had his foot and hand reconstructed, as well as skin grafts done on his elbow.  Up next... lots of rehab and a new prosthetic leg!
The boys enjoyed a December visit from Mimi & Papa and Dave and Lynn Stewarts!

We seem to experience early deaths way too often here.  This pic is of Luciana watching our friend Candelario get placed in his tomb.  A bunch of rhinos are sitting in the background, looking on as well.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

saying goodbye to candelario

we lost a friend today.

we met candelario more than 8 years ago.  it was 2009, and we were told about a family desperately in need of a home.  when we met their huge family, who were all crammed into a tiny tin shack with dirt floors...  we knew God wanted us to help.

what began as a new home, grew into a deep friendship.  allan, candelario's youngest boy, would later join the boy's academy...  and eventually give his life to Jesus, graduate, join our coaching staff at BVSA, initiate our girls soccer program (las Rinas), and become one of our best young leaders.

about 4 years ago, candelario had a tragic accident which left him paralyzed from the waist down.  ever since then, we have visited as often as possible and tried to support the family with various needs.  amazingly, this accident in some ways brought peace to their family.  he had been an abusive alcoholic for years...  and now, confined to his bed, he became a peaceful man, unable to harm the family, and eventually getting involved again in his kids and grandkids lives.

when we would visit candelario with friends from the US, he would always be so grateful for the visit.  he has told us so many times how if it weren't for his "gringo friends" he would feel totally forgotten.  sadly, since his accident, he says no one would ever visit him - even his own brothers.

which is why it seemed fitting that a group of friends from the states were here at the time of his passing.  we spent the morning at their house, trying to cheer up all the kids...  and the afternoon at the funeral.  as we visited their home earlier this morning, allan's sister magda hugged me and told me in tears how grateful she was for us, the other missionary families, and all the americans who have cared for her dad over the years.  she literally said, "all of you are the only ones who cared about him."

but there's someone else who cared for him as well.  for the last couple years, allan has been sitting at his dad's bed reading him the bible.  he also had the chance to pray with his dad shortly before his death.  allan... the youngest of 9, the spiritual leader in the family.

i hope candelario is in heaven.  it was a sad day, but hope is alive.