Wednesday, August 29, 2012

make a memory

allan's dad is an alcoholic.

and i dont mean the guy who struggles with alcohol, occasionally getting drunk on the weekend.  i mean daily staggering in the streets drunk, until he finally falls, hits his head, and goes unconscious.

his mom has given up hope.  she works long days, sees very little of her kids and grandkids.  out of necessity, she is absent.

allan misses them both.

he has 10 brothers and sisters.  all older, all married.  all doing their own things.

on this day (pictured riding wilmer's back), he wasn't thinking about any of that.  he was having a blast.  making a memory that will last forever.

there are people all over the place in need of a new memory.  they are hurting, dying inside because of something going on in their lives.

might be divorce.  maybe one of their kids is struggling.  maybe they are out of work.  their husband/wife is cheating.  or they are cheating.  maybe they are living two lives...  and they hate it as much as they think they enjoy it.  maybe they are simply empty b/c they don't know God's love.

reach out.  who cares if you don't know them that well.

who cares if they are "totally different" than you.

love on them.  give them a new memory.  maybe its a lunch out - your treat.  maybe its a surprise gift.  a movie.  a hug.  a conversation.  a slip-n-slide.

a new memory does more than just distract people from their problems.  it softens their hearts.  it warms them up towards opening up about their situation.  it helps start friendships.

and a new friendship is a step towards healing.

allan is a great kid with a ton of issues in his life.  every new memory loosens him up.  it softens his hard heart.  it takes his mind off the troubles that surround him.  it leaves him feeling loved.

we all have allan's in our lives...

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Vicki said...

I appreciate this that you are saying here. This is what I needed to hear! Love you , Brock! Thanks!!!