Friday, October 19, 2012

volcano hiking with the boys

from their village of Buena Vista, the natural beauty of Guatemala is all around them.  the view is literally breathtaking.  but when you've seen it every day of your life, you can eventually take it for granted.

Guatemala's volcanoes are incredible.  there are 36 of them total, 3 of which are still active - and its not uncommon that their explosions make world news.

the locals here in Buena Vista might hear about the volcanic activity, or see & feel the ashes as they sweep in after explosions. 

but thats about it.  while tourists come in from all over to experience these massive demonstrations of God's creation, the locals (at least the poor) are unable to do so because of admission fees, travel, etc.

last weekend, we were able to take all of the Rhinos on an excursion to hike volcano pacaya.  it was a wonderful day!  they were blown away as we hiked the volcanic mountain, and roasted marshmellows over the lava rocks.

it is always a joy to give an experience to these boys that they may never otherwise be able to enjoy. 

thank you to ruth, derek, dan, aaron, leslie, danny, mynor, hector - and everyone who supports the boys academy!

click here for more pics from the hike!

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