Saturday, January 18, 2014

"future dads" who dont have dads

at walmart with the boys
several of our boys in the academy dont have dads.  some literally.  many more figuratively (absence, addiction, or complete lack of involvement.)

for those who dont have a dad that can help in any way at all, we took them shopping today.  its the start of the school year, and their single-moms just simply aren't able to afford all that they need in order to get started.  thanks to a couple unexpected year-end donations, we were able to step in.

each got a couple pairs of pants, shirts, socks and a pair of shoes.  we also got them set up with all the school supplies they need.  we went to 2 wal-marts in the city, and had lunch at pizza hut.  sounds simple enough - but a big deal for these guys.

my text message from one of the boys says:

"dad, you get me the things i need. you teach me things of God. you talk to me about girls and give me advice all the time. you are my dad."

that little text message means more than that kid will ever know.  it reminds me and encourages me.

it also fills me with hope that these boys will be the best dads imaginable.

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