Saturday, September 23, 2017

welcome back Aldo

what an amazing experience to finally have Aldo rejoin us in the academy.

it was only 4 months ago when Aldo lost an arm and a leg in a tragic accident - an event that truly rocked our Rhino family and our entire village.  but through it all we've seen God do some incredible things.  he has brought Aldo's family closer together, brought much love and support their way from friends all over the world, and allowed an entire village to witness the love a father has for his son.

the love of a father is not a common experience in our village.

which is why it was such a blessing to have Aldo and his dad Leonardo join us for some home games this week, and even stay for a BBQ afterwards with all the Rhinos.  Leonardo even brought 50 pieces of corn from his own land for all of us as a gift!  it was a great night of laughs, worship, and prayer.

please continue to pray for Aldo.  he has another surgery scheduled in the next couple weeks on his right hand.  and we are waiting for his amputated leg to heal a little bot more before we start getting him up on his new prosthetic leg.

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