Friday, December 11, 2020

allan being shaped by God's word

we are nearing the 10-year mark from when we opened bvsa-guatemala! with a season of changes/transition upon us, God made it possible for us to spend a couple months there before we return to west africa.  we left guatemala having experienced several things that deeply encouraged my heart.

  • mynor's return back from sabbatical. God has been faithful to bless his family with spiritual and physical refreshment.  there is much to that story... but the presence of joy he brought back to the academy was truly something to celebrate. i'll never forget the day he returned... the sweet welcome-back party... the hugs... the precious words exchanged.
  • the rolfe's adjustment to the mission field, and the decision they have made to dig-in and stay for the long haul. this was unexpected and exciting news!  God has been doing a great work in them as they have submitted to his will for their family.  with 2 years of marriage, almost 1 year in the field, and a new baby in the family, they have heard God say "this is home."  praise Jesus.
  • the strong spiritual leadership coming from the wilson's.  despite being new to the mission field, and still learning the language, ryan has been leading a bible study with the staff that has been super fruitful.  it was so evident that the team is being led well. praise the Lord!

finally, what i saw in allan
he has been working in the academy ever since he graduated as a Rhino. now married to glendy, with daughter stacy, and another child on the way, they have become really solid leaders. ryan had been teaching through the book of 2nd timothy with the staff and had asked me to lead the staff devotional one day.  we were in chapter 3, verses 10-17, where paul charges timothy to stay strong and continue forward, not forgetting all that paul had taught and demonstrated to him through his own life.

that day came and went... and throughout our time in guatemala i was repeatedly impressed with the growth i was seeing from allan and glendy.  not only within the academy and with the Rhinos, but in other areas as well.  for example, they are obeying God's leading to start a sunday gathering, open to "evangelicals" as well as "catholics" - with the purpose being to study the bible together and break down the divisive religious walls that exist in the village. so great!

the day we were leaving guatemala, allan approached me and said "i need to tell you something. our study through 2nd timothy has spoken to me as deeply as i have ever been spoken to through the bible.  God showed me that i am timothy and you are paul.  you taught me the truth and showed me how to live. now you are moving on and it's time for me to step up, get off the milk, and be a true man of God. like paul told timothy, its time to continue forward with all that i have been taught.  thank you for being my paul."

i was speechless.  we hugged, and that was that.  i had a lump in my throat the entire way to the airport!  i could not be more excited to see what happens with this young man and his family.

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