Monday, February 11, 2013

pato & robin

kerrie and pato cooking
almost every night for the last couple months, our family has been increased by 2.

pato and robin.

they are jake's closest friends here in buena vista.  they are both "rhinos" (boys in the academy).  as the day's schedule at the academy winds down, pato and robin hang around until everyone is gone...

they have become like part of the family.  they help themselves to a snack and something to drink.  they help jake do his chores.  (its probably time to give them some of their own.)  they have even overcome their fear of our dogs, now that the dogs have accepted them as family too.  on the weekends, they typically spend the night.

their home-lives are rough.

robin's mom is a widow, her dad was murdered years ago.  she doesn't get home from work until around 9pm every night, so he's always home by the time she gets there.  she's a good mom.  and she loves that robin spends so much time with us, as it means he's not out in the streets.

pato has a big family, although dysfunctional.  he loves being in our home. he loves making jokes, laughing with jake, and making our 2 month old luciana laugh.

he loves cooking with kerrie.  and he loves eating whatever they cook!

more than anything, its obvious that they just love being loved on.

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