Tuesday, February 19, 2013

the boys academy purpose

today i hiked to a neighboring village, called tablon.  from tablon, the view of buena vista, and of the boys academy, was breathtaking.
the village of buena vista (boys academy far left)
the picture does it no justice.

from tablon, you could see the academy sitting high above the village.  the sun was going down softly in the background.

the poverty of buena vista is apparent from the distant view. tin structures and roofs, and smoke everywhere.

when looking from a distance, whats not clear is all of the abuse going in inside the homes.  absent dads, abusive husbands, addiction that is rampant.  from a distance, everything looks peaceful.

the image reminded me what the boys academy's role is.

high above this village, God built a place of change.  a place where young boys come every day - and experience, love, acceptance, and truth.  they play soccer.  they study.  they eat a hot, nutritious meal.  but most importantly, they learn about jesus.  that he loves them, and has a purpose for their lives.

our job is train up young boys in the love, grace, and mercy of jesus christ.  those young boys will become men.  they will be different.  they will be good dads, and good husbands.  they will love God and love their neighbors.

they will change buena vista, and so much more...

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